Johann Huang (黄大强)


An engineer who enjoys UED and DevOps.


With the belief that those who persist unite.


Interested in Financial Engineering.


Currently preparing for FRM Exam Part 1 in May, 2019.





曾于某金融科技公司研发部工作,使用JavaScript React开发结构金融产品管理系统;


曾于某法律新媒体公司研发部实习,使用Python Flask、PHP Symfony、JavaScript Angular及jQuery开发直播网页、法律网校及复杂表单系统;

曾于携程大住宿平台商务部实习,使用Hive SQL、Python Pandas及JavaScript Echarts.js + D3.js进行数据分析及可视化。

WeChat: johannhuang

My Projects

  • VNPY Refactor (Python)

    The refactor of open source Python quant trading program

  • POSTS (Python Flask + Node Express + React AntD)

    A CLI resemble application for personal information management

  • Articles (Python Flask + jQuery)

    A personal tech blog.

    • great articles index list design
    • great markdown image layout, code highlight, links decoration design
    • first time request markdown rendered html caching
    • different comment module for users from mainland China and abroad
    • image thumbnails generation
    • image lightbox viewing
  • RhoPhotos (Python Flask + Angular + jQuery)

    A personal photography website.

    • multiple viewing styles for same contents
    • great articles lists, albums water-flow and timelines design


This is a personal home website of Johann Huang for displaying personal projects and getting connected with friends with samilar interests.(一个用于展示个人项目及结识相似兴趣朋友的个人网站。)

And since this website is created with ingenuity(匠心), the thoughts behind is described as Home Website of Johann Huang - Under the Hood.


  1. 20190205, released the new version home website on Chinese New Year festival.
  2. 20181126, published at as placeholder.
  3. 20181113, rewrote the page content.
  4. 20171129, tear down of version 1 site and started a simple version 2 site with only one page.


  • Comfortable horizontal layout design for better users viewing experiences
  • A4 paper ration pages for friendly printing
  • Customized finger touch control for easy mobile scrolling
  • Customized mouse wheel control for easy desktop scrolling
  • Clickable external scrollbar for quick horizontal scrolling
  • Minimized document size for minimal users' network flow
  • No-JavaScript browsers support with also great layout design
  • And Many other implementations for better users experiences such as avoiding page resize flickering and iOS rubber band issue


  • underscore.js - for resizing debounce after browser window resize
  • jquery.js - for easy DOM and CSSOM manipulation
  • jquery.mousewheel.js - for controlling mousewheel scrolling
  • jquery.scrollbar.js - for external scrollbar supporting
  • DevTools: VS Code, Chrome, WebPack (+ loaders & plugins)