Introduction to qia-browser-libraries

The qia-browser-libraries is a package for alleviating the difficulty of web browser application development.

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This package is developed in TypeScript and SCSS, and provided as vanilla browser JavaScript scripts with TypeScript type declaration files as well as API and Guides documents.

Related projects

Before this qia-browser-libraries package, the other package named qia-widgets as at is meant to serve the same purpose. The qia-widgets package is instead developed in JavaScript and React.js, and provided as Web Components. As indicated by the names, another difference is the qia-widgets package mainly focuses on GUI widgets while the qia-browser-libraries also provides libraries without any GUI elements, such as Qia.KeyboardShortcutHelper. (And by using React.js, considering the existance of React Native, also indicated by the name without browser in between, the qia-widgets is also meant to provide widgets for React Native applications. (although not yet but planned in the future))

About this series

A library can be very versatile and of many features as detailed by API and Guides documents. However, a library can only be useful when used for use cases. Therefore, as posts in this qia-browser-libraries series, it makes sense to compose the posts as sections with respect to use cases.

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