Using MarkDown Files to Manage My Information

Yes, the articles in categories named with a prefix ++My- are mostly about me, my and I. However, I also hope U/YOU can also somehow get inspired by my opinions and practices (我的理论与实践).

What are in the title?

I have already forgot when I firstly got to know MarkDown, but I think I started to like it since the first time I knew it. If you have paid attention on me (observed based on the online posts, applications and websites I have made), you would already have a feeling that I have been a minimalist since quite a few years. I think MarkDown suits this aspect of me quite well, just like Apache things, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Subversion and so on (mentioning them as a sign that I will write about them in the future). How and Why?

If we talk about extreme minimal in this context, then it would be plain text, well known as .txt on Windows. However, just plain text without any syntactic rules would easily result in chaotic mess, which will then not be minimal. There is always a balance between easy and rich. Just plain text may be the easiest format to record words (easy), but would lack ability to record and represent in an easy and pleasant to read style (not rich). MarkDown helps a lot here. MarkDown is easy and also rich due to the fact that it is plain text and can be compiled to HTML, where most advanced styling technologies can be applied. Also worth mentioning, MarkDown is an open format and far more easier than other formats such as RTF, Microsoft Word (.docx) and many proprietary formats, although somehow poorer or limited when comparing the styling. Being open format also means a lot.

A lot by what? By the overall (überall) support of programming language libraries, tools and platforms (such as GitHub and GitHub Pages, Visual Studio Code), by the possibilities of extensions (such as [[]] as Wiki-style links), by the possibilities of workflow customization (such as my websites JH-Articles and JH-Blog), and so on.

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