Functionalities of Information Management Systems I Wish to Have

I had thoughts about whether to put this article in ++Qia-Software or Productivity, finally I decided to have it here in Productivity with the consideration that these will be mentioned functionalities would be nice things for any information management systems, not only the ones I made, namely JH-Articles or JH-Blog.

Information Systems are not only about recording and retrieving information into and from the systems, as islands. In the times of Internet, they are also supposed to be platforms that integrate with external systems, loosely or tightly, at least with those which provide APIs for integration.

The use case I had recently is that I want to "populate" my content websites to share and communicate with as many people as I can reach. Therefore, when I published an article on any of my public information platforms, I would also do some marketing by posting the content of this article on other platforms such as Twitter and Medium and linking back to the original article on my platform via canonical URL. (The benefits include getting more audiences on external platforms for me and allowing to reach the up-to-date updated original content for you (my audiences)) Currently, I am still doing the re-posting or signaling on external platforms manually, which of course can be more fine-tuned but is quite time-consuming and not time-efficient. Naturally, automation is the key.

So, the first functionality to name is automatically posting to 3rd-party platforms on publishing (automated social media marketing). That is, when I publish my content on the information system in use for the first time (excluding updates to the content), the system will trigger some automation processes (scripts) to automatically post the related or similar (if not the same) contents to external platforms such as Twitter and Medium. This functionality is in the "I wish to have" category is mostly I think it is nice to have but don't really find the mode to make it right away. Implementing such functionalities takes time and energy and I am just as "lazy" as everyone, and can still bare the cost of doing it manually. But, also kind of the reason I publish this thought, if any of the external systems can do this for me, I am also happy to use that system. If any of you, my dear audience, can name one for me, I would rather be very grateful. I didn't know any until know mainly also because I didn't spend enough time researching about other systems, although I use quite a few, such as Obsidian, Notion and Zettlr for noting things. I think there will be a good chance that at least one of available information management systems have or will soon have this functionality, since Twitter has the related APIs for quite long and Medium, em, although seemingly not officially supported or recommended, but many on the Internet managed to do it. And of course, the more can be the better here. Besides Twitter and Medium, there are also many others such as Facebook, Google+, and also maybe Chinese ones with large audience numbers including Tecent WeixinMP (微信公众号/微信媒体平台) and Sina Weibo(微博).

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