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After having the idea to use this blog as the platform to publish release notes of software I made (as also described in [[20211106 - JH-Articles - Canonical URLs]]), I am also more motivated to finish the long wished features in my long backlog. So today, finally, I have added the optional description texts for the article categories.

Under the hood

What's special about it? There are two.

The first I haven't yet told is on the articles website, I only allowed one level of categorizing in terms of URL segments and articles in the document database are completely flattened as documents in one collection. (The idea is to avoid too many fragments and complexity.) Without the complexity of relational data, naturally there is also not the power of it. As a result, there is also only the necessity and possibility to add descriptions for one level just as the navigation menu items - one level.

The second I haven't told yet is the raw data of my articles are still organized as traditionally as directories and files seen in Windows Explorer or in macOS Finder. In other words, the description texts should also be just nodes in the article content directory tree. So what would it be? Yes, the famous README files.

Without further treatment, the description content would just be the content from the README file of the directory of corresponding category.

What are allowed as the content of descriptions? In theory, all single-file containable data; in practice, easy to interpret data. While, because my articles website is not yet is mass-blogging platform, I planned to just include Unicode characters and sequences.

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